Top 5 And finally… stories of 2021

This week SCN will highlight the five most read And finally… stories of 2021.

Top 5 And finally… stories of 2021

Today’s offering, number 4 on the list, saw the Nelson Mandela Scottish Memorial Foundation apply to get planning permission for a statue in central Glasgow renewed back in February.

The charity previously had consent for a statue of the South African campaigner and politician to be erected in Nelson Mandela Place, though permission has now expired.

It is fundraising for the £150,000 budget and hopes the installation would be completed by early 2022.

“Nelson Mandela Place is the ideal site for the proposed location politically, historically and functionally,” the plans state.

“The Place has a long association with the struggle against Apartheid and Nelson Mandela, while its prominent location could activate this underused part of the city.”

An open competition will be held to select the sculptor.

The list so far:

5. And finally… somewhere you loved 

4. And finally… Bid to revive plan for Nelson Mandela statue in Glasgow

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