University of Strathclyde to acquire Rottenrow site in Glasgow

University of Strathclyde to acquire Rottenrow site in Glasgow

Glasgow City Council has agreed to the transfer of a city centre site to the University of Strathclyde to allow improvements in the public realm and greenspace in the area.

The site, bordered by North Portland Street, Rottenrow and Richmond Street, is proposed to benefit from major investment by the University to deliver public realm improvement works including the provision of a covered walkway, seating and performance space, raised walkways and regrading of gardens, planting and tree works, the pedestrian prioritisation of Rottenrow, North Portland Street, and Richmond Street featuring landscaping, parking reconfiguration - including cycle parking and EV charging points - and associated infrastructure and engineering works.

Planning consent is in place for these works.

The council will transfer this site (nominally valued at £50,000) to the University, which will own the entirety of the wider site, at no cost - given the benefits to the city of the proposed scheme, which will see the area landscaped, providing environmental and amenity improvements and the saving to the council due to the removal of maintenance costs.

University of Strathclyde to acquire Rottenrow site in Glasgow

Councillor Franny Scally, chair of Glasgow City Council’s contracts and property committee, said: “The transfer of this site - lying at the heart of the University of Strathclyde’s campus - will allow public realm, greenspace and active travel works to take place there. This will bring significant environmental and social benefits to everyone using the University campus and this part of the city centre.”

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, principal & vice-chancellor of the University of Strathclyde, added: “We will transform Rottenrow Gardens and surrounding area into an accessible and innovative set of spaces, which will enhance the student experience and improve the University’s connectivity with the surrounding community.

“In accordance with our commitment to use our assets to benefit the local community, the Heart of the Campus project will be people-oriented and collaborative. Inclusion and accessibility for all of Glasgow’s diverse population will be central to this development, creating cleaner, safer, pedestrian- and cycle-friendly spaces.”

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