Malcolm Allan Housebuilders

Green light for hundreds of new homes in Inverurie

Malcolm Allan HousebuildersOver 500 new homes will be built across two sites in Inverurie after councillors approved plans for the developments, The Press & Journal has reported.

Malcolm Allan Housebuilders had submitted a fresh application for 416 homes and a small office and retail development at Portstown.

While the developer already had permission to build the properties, it now plans to build all 48 affordable homes and flats on one site.

As a result of a reduction in demand for larger houses in the north east, the firm will also change the design of some of the homes to reduce the number of larger properties and feature more semi-detached housing, including bungalows.

Since the developer already had permission to build a similar development, and the decision was effectively determining a change of house type, the committee voted in favour of the proposals.

Councillors also backed plans by Barratt North Scotland to build 125 homes at the nearby Boynds Farm, Uryside.

The developer already had permission to build 104 homes but has decided to build some smaller units due to similar market concerns. Work on the project, which is expected to take more than 10 years to complete, began in 2014.

The scheme also includes a new £11 million primary school, Uryside Primary, which opened following the October break.

Third time lucky for Inverurie hostel plans

Malcolm Allan HousebuildersRevised plans to transform part of Inverurie Loco Works into a hostel have been narrowly approved by councillors.

Malcolm Allan Housebuilders first revealed plans to create two hostel style accommodation blocks, mainly for offshore workers, late last year.

In February, councillors approved only one of the applications, prompting the developer to resubmit their proposals for the second one – slashing the size from 37 to 20 bedrooms.

But the application was again rejected by Aberdeenshire Council’s Garioch area committee in June, and an even smaller hostel block with 11 rooms was approved by members yesterday.

Four councillors voted in favour of the officer’s recommendations and four to refuse on the grounds that it would have a negative impact on residents. The casting vote was with committee chairman who voted in favour of the plans. There were a few conditions added relating to the siting of the fire escape and waste removal.

The area proposed for conversion is currently ground-floor office space.

The money raised from the rooms would be used to fund the new Garioch Heritage Centre within the site, which is not yet open.

The B-listed Loco Works site was first established in 1903, and the site has undergone a period of redevelopment throughout the past few years.

The site was earmarked for 150 houses, employment, community facilities and retail under the Aberdeenshire Council local development plan (LDP).

Fresh plans for Inverurie Loco Works

PickergIll House

PickergIll House

The developer behind the major transformation of Inverurie Loco Works has lodged revised plans to create a second hostel on the site.

Malcolm Allan Housebuilders first revealed plans to create two hostel-style accommodation blocks, mainly for offshore workers heading to or from a job, late last year.

But in February, councillors approved only one of the applications – effectively slashing the size of the development by more than 60 per cent – amid concerns about parking, traffic, loss of amenity and security.

Now the Press and Journal reports that the developer has scaled back its plans for the carriage building, and wants to 20 larger bedrooms instead of 37. Other changes include creating a manned reception area, instead of the key-card system previously put forward, a shared dining and lounge area.

The building, which has already been part-converted into 40 flats, will be accessed at the front of the building, and guests will have no access to the courtyard used by residents of the adjoining flats.

Dean House

Dean House

A supporting statement put together by William Lippe Architects says the plans were reduced in light of councillors’ concerns about the “high intensity of development” with no shared facilities, and so that it would be in “keeping” with the other developments on the site.

It adds: “This proposal offers a type of development and accommodation which is arguably in demand within Aberdeenshire and is located in an area which has a number of benefits in terms of accessibility and access to services and facilities.

“The reduction in the number of bedrooms and provision of supporting facilities will ensure there is no unreasonable impact on the surrounding residential amenity, reducing the intensity of development and eliminating the reasons for refusal of the previous application.”

The developers also point out that the approved 20-bedroom hostel, in the former canteen building, has been in operation since March 2 with no complaints.

They also say that income generated from the developments will go towards creating a permanent home for the Garioch Heritage Society within the same building.