CCG develops 2020 vision for future of housebuilding

The offsite manufacturing division of the CCG Group has developed a new vision for national housebuilding as part of Taylor Wimpey’s ‘Project 2020 Design Competition’.

CCG’s iQ production line

Taylor Wimpey launched the competition in partnership with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in 2016. The two-stage competition invites architects from across the globe to design new house type typologies with the brief of being innovative, adaptable, sustainable, capable of high-quality production and would appeal to future customers and their changing needs.

With over 100 entries from 14 countries, it was the ‘Infinite House’ designed by Open Studio Architects that was chosen with the design being utilised across nine prototype homes that are located across the UK, each using a different build methodology for its construction.

In the case of Scotland, two prototype homes were constructed in Dargavel Village, Bishopton – one utilises an open panel timber frame system, the other an enhanced closed panel system with a view of comparing cost, quality, energy performance and site-based efficiencies.

CCG OSM was responsible for the enhanced system, utilising its ‘iQ’ Timber System inclusive of windows, doors, insulation, internal wall linings and service zones, alongside its bespoke floor and roof cassettes for the ‘Infinite House Type C’.

Design and manufactured under factory controlled conditions from the bespoke OSM facility in Glasgow, the ‘iQ’ Timber System has been utilised in the construction of nearly 10,000 mixed-tenure homes since its inception in 2007 and is capable of being specified to Passivhaus standards of performance.

The ‘Infinite House Type C’ is a 143.57m2 detached property that achieves enhanced levels of air tightness with a permeability rating of 3. It also has a vast reduction in thermal bridging – 0.038W/m2h – ensuring that heat loss is diminished and when complemented with energy-saving components, carbon emissions are reduced by up to 27%.

Delivered to site inclusive of components, the ‘iQ’ Timber System can be installed and erected at speed with this particular property being fully wind and watertight in just six days. This also greatly improves on-site management including health and safety, a reduced requirement for storage and a lower risk of damage.

Steven Earlie, managing director of CCG OSM, said: “The use of closed panel systems is not widespread in the national housebuilding sector but with growing demand for new, sustainable homes it is set for wider adoption over the next decade. The product is proven – the CCG Group has shown that quality, energy performance and speed of delivery can be achieved on any project of any scale and we were delighted to showcase the ‘iQ’ Timber System for Taylor Wimpey; a company whose commitment to offsite technologies and influence on shaping the industry should be commended.”

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