Landmark moment as Queensferry Crossing connects Fife and Edinburgh

Queensferry Crossing last deck liftThe final lifting operation to complete the Queensferry Crossing’s deck between Fife and Edinburgh will take place today.

Twelve of the £1.35 billion bridge’s 122 deck sections were lifted into place by a floating crane in October 2014.

Lifting of the remaining 110 began in September 2015 and today marks the end of the 1.7-mile deck span.

Each of these sections of deck weigh approximately 750 tonnes, they are around 40 metres wide and typically 16 metres in length although the final closure unit today is 12.1 metres long.

Despite their size and weight the deck has had to be installed within very fine margins and to tiny tolerances. This is a painstaking process which has been carried out in the tough environment of the Firth of Forth against high winds and low temperatures.

Video of the lifting of the first 12 pieces of deck by the floating crane

Video showing the first deck lifts using the balanced cantilever method

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