Queensferry Crossing now UK’s tallest bridge

Queensferry Crossing
Queensferry Crossing

The new Queensferry Crossing has outgrown the tallest bridges in the UK some 16 months before it is due to start carrying traffic across the Firth of Forth.

The bridge’s three towers are now more than 170 metres above sea level, taking them above the existing Forth Road Bridge and the Humber Bridge in England.

They are expected to reach their final height of more than 200 metres this autumn.

Infrastructure Secretary Keith Brown today visited the construction site to meet with workers and view progress on the project.

Significant operations are underway over the entire footprint of the project at the same time resulting in a new peak in employment of over 1,200 people across the site.

Work on the project has kept up pace despite the wet and windy weather experienced for much of 2015. Recent milestones include:

  • The south approach viaduct has been fully launched to its final position
  • The first cables have been installed on the North Tower
  • All three of Queensferry Crossing’s towers are over 160 metres high – at least 10 metres above the height of the Forth Road Bridge
  • The new B800 bridge over the A90 was opened in July

  • Assembly of north approach viaduct is nearly complete ready for launch this autumn.
  • Mr Brown said: “It’s great credit to the hard work and dedication of the men and women working on the Queensferry Crossing to see the progress they have made since my last visit. This is despite the challenging conditions they often face, particularly in the middle of the Forth estuary, even during the summer.

    “Work is underway on every front across this vast project and workforce numbers are at a peak. Direct employment on this large scale infrastructure project is bringing significant benefits to the to the Scottish economy with over 1,200 people employed on site and 75 per cent having a home address in Scotland.

    “Significant opportunities continue to be created for Scottish businesses through the wider supply chain. To date Scottish firms have been awarded subcontracts and supply orders from the project with a total value £246 million out of a total of £549 million.

    “Everywhere you look on the project, north, south and of course out in the Forth itself, there are major operations underway or already complete. Recently the bridge’s south approach viaduct was fully launched, with assembly of the north viaduct nearly complete, and launch out over the piers expected in the autumn.

    “Work on the connecting roads to both the north and south of the Crossing has made significant progress this year. Meanwhile Queensferry Crossing’s three main towers are approaching their final height and are now higher than the top of the Forth Road Bridge with another 36 metres to go on the Centre and South Towers and only 28 metres to go on the North Tower.

    “The project team have done a great job in mitigating the effects of the recent poor weather and it is pleasing to report that the project remains on schedule to be complete by the end of 2016.”

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