Ogilvie merges surveying businesses into Malcolm Hughes

Nick Hampson, Malcolm Hughes MD

Ogilvie Group has restructured its surveying businesses to operate under the Malcolm Hughes brand, creating one of the largest companies in the sector.

The Group’s other established surveying businesses, Loy Surveys and Longdin and Browning have been merged into Malcolm Hughes. The business will continue to operate from its six existing offices across the UK.

Malcolm Hughes provides a full range of innovative Topographical, Hydrographic, Engineering and Geospatial survey solutions across a broad range of sectors including roads, railways and waterways.

Nick Hampson, managing director at Malcolm Hughes, said: “In the last year we have seen the business undergo significant evolution since becoming part of the Ogilvie Group. The move to unify all of the surveying businesses under the Malcolm Hughes brand is part of our long term strategic growth plan and gives the business a clear identity in the market, backed up by our reputation for quality and service.

“Our teams are among the most experienced specialists in the sector and they are supported by continued investment in new and evolving technology. We are confident that this combination will continue to drive business forward and reinforce our position as a major player in the industry.”

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