St Andrews hotel and student accommodation plans rejected

Plans to build a new hotel and student accommodation in St Andrews have been refused by the local authority.

The proposed student accommodation development at Abbey Park

Robertson had proposed to deliver a 90-bed hotel and 100-bed student accommodation at the Abbey Park site as well as a new 3,500 sq.m park.

The application was submitted on Robertson’s behalf by planning and design consultancy Barton Willmore. The firm said the development would have represented an investment of £23 million into the town.

The application, which was recommended for approval by planning officers, was rejected by councillors on several grounds, including over-development and residential amenity.

More than 130 letters of objection were received while a petition signed by 279 members of the public. There were also 273 letters of support submitted for the proposal.

Proposals for the planned hotel

Councillor Tony Miklinski proposed that the planning application be rejected.

He said: “There is no requirement for either more student accommodation or a new hotel. Putting those in the middle of a quiet residential development will impact on amenity. Having both is just a step too far.”

Councillor John Docherty seconded the motion, asking that environmental impact concerns be added to the refusal.

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