£3.2m flood prevention work to begin in Eyemouth

Scottish Water is to begin work on a £3.2 million investment to improve the waste water infrastructure in Eyemouth to protect against flooding.

£3.2m flood prevention work to begin in Eyemouth

A small number of properties in the town have experienced internal flooding at times of heavy rainfall, which can overwhelm the sewer network. 

The work – which will take around eight months to complete – will start on Monday March 23. It will increase the capacity of the sewer network to better protect properties and streets from external and internal flooding.

A total of 120 metres of larger sewer pipes will be installed along Church Street and a new underground storm water storage tank will be built under the public car park. An above-ground kiosk will also be built in the north east corner of the car park.

Church Street, from the junction with Manse Road, will be closed to traffic from the start of the works for around six months.

Church Street Car Park will be closed for the duration of the project but the public toilets there will remain open. The electric charging point area currently located in the car park will be moved to the parking area on Manse Road (near Church Street junction).

The closures are needed to ensure the safety of the public and workers and allow enough space to excavate and install the new, larger sewer pipes and new tank.

A small section of Harbour Road will require two-way temporary traffic lights to operate for around one month at the start of this work to allow for a tie in from the underground storage tank in the car park to a manhole.

The project will be delivered by Scottish Water’s alliance partner amey Black & Veatch (aBV). The team will have a small site compound on Harbour Road, across from Church Street Car Park.

Scott Fraser, Scottish Water’s regional corporate affairs manager, said: “Sewer flooding causes a great deal of distress for householders and it also has a detrimental effect on the local environment. This work should significantly reduce the risk of future sewer flooding in Eyemouth.

“We have liaised closely with the community, including customers who have been impacted by flooding, on this project and will continue to keep people updated as this work progresses.

Customers have been told their water supply and drainage services will not be affected by our work.”

Raymond Hope, project manager at aBV, said: “We appreciate these works are disruptive to people living, working and visiting the area and will do all we can to keep any disruption to a minimum. We want to thank everyone impacted for their patience.”

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