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SIBBALD Gas Drive ImageThe transport industry has long been a part of the Sibbald Family, although Sibbald Training has had little direct involvement with it. In 2010, however, the introduction of Driver CPC Training and the ongoing need to complete periodic training annually created an opportunity for the company to work more closely with professional drivers, and it was embraced by their owner and founder David Sibbald.

All of the training courses at Sibbald, endeavour to provide competitively priced instruction to a high standard, DCPC as a new offering quickly established itself as a new core product and joined their range seamlessly. The ensuing success led to thousands of drivers being trained and accredited for Driving Competence in the newly required periodic modules by Sibbald Training.

A new industry was now being served by Sibbald Training that had long since served this hard working, family oriented and farming family.

The customer base grown and warmly welcomed by Sibbald Training to the company through DCPC brought with them fresh opportunity to provide regulated, industry leading, instructional services and recently D4 Driver Medicals were added to the selection of offerings, with their usual low price, and a view to better serving the new delegates attracted to Sibbald.

The newly acquired Professional Road Using clients also presented a tangible need to add the three to five day ADR training programmes to the Sibbald Training course list. Training in the safe carriage of hazardous goods by road had been of interest to Sibbald Training for some time and the feeling from the industry completing DCPC was one of anticipation at it being added to their course list.

In the coming months the first five day ADR course’ is set to begin at the Sibbald Training centre in Blackridge, West Lothian. All involved in adding it to the Sibbald portfolio are enthused at the prospect of its inclusion. None more so than company owner David Sibbald, who commented: “I am very encouraged by the response of the transport industry to our DCPC courses. Adding ADR is a natural progression of this offering and I look forward to the success of our first course.”

Sibbald Training is a company accustomed to providing award winning training and are sure their customers will watch with interest the progression of the company into this area of training expertise.

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