Aitken Turnbull sets sights on bumper year for Eildon Housing Association partnership

Aitken Turnbull Architects continues to strengthen its long-standing ties with Eildon Housing Association with a raft of innovative designs being rolled out for several major housing association developments stretching across the Scottish Borders.

Aitken Turnbull sets sights on bumper year for Eildon Housing Association partnership

The Sergeants Park development in Newtown St Boswells

The creation of these new developments form part of Eildon Housing Association’s ethos to inject around £120 million into the Scottish Borders economy, bringing 750 affordable new homes to the region.

Aitken Turnbull Architects – which can trace its origins to the Borders in the late 19th century – incorporates an array of design and building information modelling - technologies that combine and incorporate environmentally sensitive, aesthetically attractive, and sustainable building designs.

It also ensures that sustainability coupled with building design ingenuity remain considered factors and Aitken Turnbull work closely with Eildon Housing Association to optimise energy use, ensuring that the environmental impact of the building design offers a blueprint for the lifespan of the building.

Aitken Turnbull is currently involved in ten projects for Eildon Housing Association across the Borders, mainly around Newton St Boswells, Jedburgh, Selkirk, Kelso, and Galashiels.

Amongst them, Aitken Turnbull is working with Kelso developer M+J Ballantyne on the re-development of Kelso High School for Eildon, creating 34 new extra care homes in this Grade B-listed landmark building and in addition to this, sixteen new houses will be built within in the grounds of the former school.

Also nearing completion in Kelso at Angraflat, is a new development of 49 homes and M+J Ballantyne will also shortly commence the construction of 12 new semi-detached affordable homes in Denholm. Future projects include a new 42 house development currently on the drawing board in Selkirk.

Cruden Building East Limited is also working with Aitken Turnbull on behalf of Eildon Housing Association. It has recently completed 128 homes in two phases at Sergeants Park in Newtown St Boswells, with a further 64 homes about to go on site in Earlston and plans are currently being worked up for 74 houses in Jedburgh as well.

In Galashiels, Aitken Turnbull is overseeing the refurbishment of 19 flats and the creation of four new flats in the Oakwood sheltered housing complex which started on site in the new year.

Ben Glennon, associate at Aitken Turnbull Architects, said: “We’re delighted that our long-standing partnership with Eildon Housing Association continues to flourish, but where we add significant value is not just in the design phase. An important part of our work with Eildon is to identify prime land for purchase which is done either through the contractor/developer such Cruden or Ballantyne, or from our own resources elsewhere. It means we can help to manage the entire project – from design concept and planning through to the eventual build out phase and makes the entire project as seamless and transparent as possible.

“Aitken Turnbull also bring added value to the team with Secured By Design expertise and our in house Passivhaus designers and planning consultants.”

Nile Istephan, chief executive of Eildon Housing Association, said: “These projects contribute to our current commitment to invest in excess of £120m in the Borders economy, bringing much needed jobs, regeneration and 750 affordable new homes. We are currently developing our new strategy that will continue our commitment to our towns and villages over the next five years. We will be publishing our new Strategy in April 2022 and are currently consulting on the detail of these ambitious plans.

“Eildon Housing Association will continue to embrace innovation in the design of its homes to ensure aesthetic appeal is well balanced with the means to offer environmentally sustainable accommodation for its tenants.”

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