Brewster Brothers marks record aggregate recycling with new commercial appointment

Brewster Brothers marks record aggregate recycling with new commercial appointment

Andy Dunn

Recycling firm Brewster Brothers has strengthened its team by appointing Andy Dunn as commercial manager as the company nears a record aggregate recycling figure.

Andy will work at the heart of the Livingston-based company’s commercial activities, driving revenue growth, and promoting long-lasting partnerships with clients and stakeholders. He joins Brewster Brothers as the firm is about to open a second recycling site at Gartshore near Cumbernauld.

Andy’s arrival coincides with the Scottish Government looking to create a new devolved aggregates tax, which may incentivise those in the construction sector to choose recycled gravels and sands over virgin products.

It also comes as Brewster Brothers projected that by the end of the year, it will have recycled more than 1.35 million tonnes of construction byproduct.

An award-winning Scottish company that recycles the byproducts of the construction, demolition and excavation industries is projecting that by the end of this year it’ll have diverted almost 1.35 million tonnes from landfill. Of that total, just over a million tonnes will have been reprocessed into high quality sands, gravels and other aggregates for re-use.

Brewster Brothers started recycling waste from construction sites in 2017, and such has been the success of their first site near Livingston that the firm will soon open a second premises, this one near Cumbernauld. The new site opening means the company is set to double its capacity to process around 600,000 tonnes of construction, demolition and excavation waste per year. The expansion of the firm reflects the growing recognition within the construction sector of the need to adopt more circular business models.

The industry currently generates 50% of Scotland’s waste, 40% of Scotland’s carbon emissions and is responsible for 50% of Scotland’s natural resource consumption.

Scott Brewster, managing director of Brewster Brothers, set up the sustainable resource management business in 2017 alongside his father, Alex Brewster.

He said: “Hitting landmarks like these is enormously gratifying, because it demonstrates the shift in thinking and in practices that’s happening across the economy. We are a business dedicated to minimising the impacts that the construction sector has on the world, and we also want to work in partnership with contractors to help them reach their own sustainability goals.”

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