Cala hails ‘significant’ sustainability progress

Cala hails 'significant' sustainability progress

A Cala development at East Calder

An annual audit of Cala Group’s sustainability data has unveiled that the housebuilder is on track to achieve its net zero goals across key areas by 2030.

Working to embed a culture of sustainability in everything it does to reduce its environmental impact, the new 2023 sustainability data underscores Cala’s success in reducing operational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. At 7,211 tCO2e, the housebuilder achieved a 28.5% reduction from its 2021 baseline, surpassing expectations for the end of 2023.

These reductions have been achieved alongside increased building activity, with operational emissions per square meter of developed floor space having fallen by over 25% since 2021.

Speaking on the latest sustainability data results, Kathryn Dapré, head of sustainability at Cala, said: “The results of our 2023 sustainability audit are incredibly encouraging. Exceeding expectations and making a big stride towards our 2030 net-zero goal demonstrates the commitment and hard work of our entire team.”

Cala hails 'significant' sustainability progress

Kathryn Dapré

Cala’s switch to HVO (hydro-treated vegetable oil) has been a major success story, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the business. Cala achieved a remarkable 57% reduction in site liquid fuel emissions, its biggest carbon contributor, exceeding its initial target by a significant margin.

A major focus for the business will continue to be the full life cycle emissions of its homes. Implementing improved building fabric options, the continued adoption of technologies such as heat pumps and on-site renewables, and expanding the use of timber frame construction will present opportunities for further emissions reductions in this area moving forward.

Kathryn added: “By continuing to innovate and challenge ourselves across the business, we’re confident we can achieve our sustainability goals and we look forward to continuing to report on Cala’s positive progress.”

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