Clackmannanshire Council approves ‘Transformation Zones’ model

Clackmannanshire Council approves 'Transformation Zones' model

Innovative ‘Transformation Zones’ will be developed across Clackmannanshire as part of the council’s ambitious Be the Future programme, councillors have heard.

Councillors agreed a paper at a council meeting this week that laid out more details of the new Transformation Zones, the first of which would be in Alloa and would encompass a number of place-based opportunities through:

  • the new Well-being Campus developments;
  • investment in the council’s  Learning Estate;
  • the City Region Deal investments;
  • on-going asset management including use of vacant and derelict land to benefit residents and communities and capitalising on the council’s strategic partnerships.

The Transformation Zone model would then move out from Alloa to other zones across Clackmannanshire and will be aligned to the investment in the council’s capital plan and wider budget strategy.

Council leader, Cllr Ellen Forson, said: “The Transformation Zones are the next steps in our innovative Be the Future programme.

“Through a range of projects in these zones, we are aiming to achieve improved economic performance with more and better paid jobs and development opportunities as well as sustainable health and social care to improve the quality of life for all of our residents.

“We have been laying the foundations for Be the Future over the past few months. The significant progress detailed in today’s paper means we can start putting the building blocks in place for the programme which will unlock huge potential for Clackmannanshire, its people and its communities.”

Additional investment opportunities for the Transformation Zones would also be available through the Place-based Investment Programme, the UK Government’s Levelling-Up Fund and other major investment programmes.

Over the past two years, the Council has been working at pace on the strategic roadmap for the Be the Future programme and councillors heard about the progress that has been made and what this means for Clackmannanshire and its communities.

Work is already underway with the Scottish Futures Trust to develop proposals which would lead to a “rapid scoping assessment” that would create a development framework for the transformation zones in consultation with our citizens, communities and businesses.

The council’s aim is that this scoping exercise would be delivered quickly so that it can be considered in this financial year.

The development of the Alloa South East Action Plan, which is part of the Alloa Transformation Zone, will include plans to support the Wimpy Park Community Group to develop plans to upgrade Community Parks in the Hutton Park, Gaberston and Hawkhill areas.

Funding for this would come from the additional £372,000 Discretionary Fund the council received from the Scottish Government as part of a share of the additional £40m provided to Local Authorities.  

Cllr Forson said: “We know how much parks and open spaces have been valued by our communities during the pandemic and I am delighted to be able to confirm this £372 investment in the West End Park in Alloa.

“Greater use of Parks and Play Areas during the pandemic has emphasised the importance of these facilities for the physical and mental health of our Communities.

“However, the increased level of engagement with public open spaces has led to increased wear and tear on infrastructure such as car parks, roads and footpaths and play equipment. It’s important that we provide the best possible outdoor space for everyone to enjoy.”

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