Construction materials research survey from Zero Waste Scotland

Zero Waste Scotland is conducting new research into the scale of construction materials reuse and reclamation services in Scotland.

Scotland’s construction sector is the country’s biggest waste producer, sending a staggering four million tonnes of waste to landfill each year.

And when you consider that the true cost of each tonne of waste is in excess of £1,300 – it doesn’t just have a negative environmental impact, it also comes with a big economic price tag.

The good news is, lots of work is being done to identify solutions and improve performance in the sector. Creating conditions where valuable resources are easily and systematically reclaimed for re-use is one solution - and Zero Waste Scotland is leading work in this important area.

Right now, the organisation is conducting research to assess the current provision of reclamation services to the construction sector in Scotland – from scrap merchants with occasional construction materials on their hands, to businesses offering formal architectural and site salvage services.

The survey will help shape the support provided to this market in the near future, so views are extremely valuable.

The survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete. Closing date for taking part is midday on Wednesday, 21 March.

If you provide reclamation services to the construction sector, please take part here.

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