Cruden Homes submits plans for 50 new homes in Livingston

Cruden Homes has submitted plans to build 52 new affordable flats in Livingston on the site of the former St Columba’s Church in Craigshill.

If permission is granted, once completed, the one and two-bedroom homes will be given to a housing association.

Cruden had launched a public consultation in January this year to assess public opinion on the proposals.

However, one local has expressed concern about the loss of “green area for dogs or children to play”.

A consultation with Edinburgh Airport has also highlighted concerns that birds roosting on the buildings could “endanger the safe movement of aircraft and the operation of Edinburgh Airport”.

A Bird Hazard Management Plan has been requested by the airport before any permission is granted, The West Lothian Courier reports.

In a letter to planning officer Steven McLaren, airport bosses said: “The Bird Hazard Management Plan must ensure that flat/shallow pitched roofs be constructed to allow access to all areas by foot using permanent fixed access stairs ladders or similar.

“The owner/occupier must not allow gulls, to nest, roost or loaf on the building or on structures within the site. Checks must be made weekly or sooner if bird activity dictates, during the breeding season.

“Outside of the breeding season gull activity must be monitored and the roof checked regularly to ensure that gulls do not utilise the roof.”

They added: “Any gulls found nesting, roosting or loafing must be dispersed by the owner/occupier when detected or when requested by Edinburgh Airport Airside Operations staff.

“In some instances, it may be necessary to contact Edinburgh Airport Airside Operations staff before bird dispersal takes place.

“The owner/occupier must remove any nests or eggs found on the roof.”

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