Green roof rolled out at Rowanbank Gardens in Edinburgh

Green roof rolled out at Rowanbank Gardens in Edinburgh

More than 1000 square metres of living ‘green’ roof has been laid on top of Rowanbank Gardens, in Corstorphine, Edinburgh, as Artisan Real Estate continues to set new standards in environmentally sensitive living.

The natural sedum roof is one of the largest ever to top a residential apartment building in the city and is the latest sustainable innovation to be added to the development, described as a ‘spectacular blueprint for low carbon living’.

Sedum are hardy yet striking flowering succulent plants with a host of natural properties that make them ideal for roof greening. The plants are virtually self-perpetuating and drought resistant, with shallow roots requiring very little soil in which to grow. Once in full bloom, sedum roofs provide many benefits including natural insulation, drainage and protection from the elements whilst encouraging increased biodiversity by attracting insect and bird life.

Welcoming the rolling out of the new roof, David Westwater, Artisan’s development director for Scotland, said: “It’s wonderful to see such an expansive green and natural space being rolled-out in front of our eyes, surrounding the spectacular penthouse apartments at Rowanbank Gardens. It provides another important statement of intent, underpinning our commitment to raising the benchmark of environmental standards across all our buildings – both inside and out.

Green roof rolled out at Rowanbank Gardens in Edinburgh

“The sedum roofs will attract plant, insect and bird life which are encouraged with natural inducements such as wild-flower planting, beehives and roosting sites. We will also be working with residents and the local community to explore the potential of hosting bee hives on the apartment roofs.”

He added: “We want to create external environments which are both in tune with nature and instrumental in bringing residents together. We are also planting 150 new trees, plus herb and vegetable growing beds and more than 500 metres of evergreen hedgerows. Rowanbank Gardens’ residents will also be able to grow their own herbs and vegetables together in raised growing beds as well as being able to harvest cherries and apples from almost 30 fruit trees.”

More than a third of apartments at Rowanbank Gardens development have now been sold following a buoyant sales start to the year. The development will deliver 93 apartments for private sale set around a large garden space filled with fruit trees and communal planting beds.

Work began in summer 2021, with the first move-ins expected by the end of the year. As well as an abundance of green open spaces, Rowanbank Gardens also provides smart, energy-efficient internal design geared to achieving low to zero carbon ratings, with the added benefits of significantly lower home-running costs.

Latest research shows that average annual hot water and heating costs for a two-bedroom apartment at could be as low as £775 per year - or less than £65 per month - providing long-term cost savings for first-time budget-conscious buyers or purchasers looking for more energy efficient living.

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