Housing to 2040 Strategic Board unveiled

Housing to 2040 Strategic Board unveiled

A strategic board to lead progress towards the delivery of Scotland’s 20-year housing plan will meet for the first time today.

The Housing to 2040 strategy was developed following extensive engagement with the housing sector, wider stakeholders and the public, and sets out a vision for what Scotland’s homes and communities should look like by the end of 2040.

Including representatives from housing providers, landlords, housing developers and tenant organisations, the Housing to 2040 Strategic Board will meet every six months.

The board will be co-chaired by housing secretary Shona Robison and COSLA’s community wellbeing spokesperson, Councillor Maureen Chalmers.

The strategic board membership in full:

  • Shona Robison, cabinet secretary for social justice, housing and local government (co-chair)
  • Councillor Maureen Chalmers, COSLA spokesperson for community wellbeing (co-chair)
  • Patrick Harvie, minister for zero carbon buildings, active travel and tenants’ rights
  • Michael Cameron, chief executive, Scottish Housing Regulator
  • Sally Thomas, chief executive, Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • John Mills, co-chair, Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers
  • Jane Wood, chief executive, Homes for Scotland
  • John Blackwood, chief executive, Scottish Association of Landlords
  • Colin Stewart, chair, North of Scotland Regional Network
  • Callum Chomczuk, national director (Scotland), Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Chris Birt, associate director for Scotland, Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Sean Neill, director local government, housing and planning, Scottish Government

Ms Robison said: “The actions in Housing to 2040 set out how we will deliver on our vision for a Scotland where homes are warm, safe and affordable for everyone, standards are the same across all tenures, people have access to green space and essential services, and where child poverty, fuel poverty and homelessness have been eradicated.

“I’m grateful to the representatives who are joining the strategic board, which will oversee the delivery of Housing to 2040 and work together to progress towards the vision set out in the strategy.”

Councillor Chalmers said: “The Housing to 2040 strategy sets the context for housing across all of Scotland’s local communities. Therefore, it is of great value that the new Strategic Board’s membership has a range of housing stakeholders to provide oversight, as well as to help provide advice on navigating challenges to progress our shared housing aims.”

Homes for Scotland has welcomed the appointment of its chief executive Jane Wood to the Strategic Board.

Ms Wood said: “Housing is fundamental to Scotland’s social wellbeing and economic success. From health and education to jobs and investment, it impacts every area of our lives but we simply don’t have enough homes. This is clearly demonstrated by the shortfall of 110,000 homes that has been accumulated since 2008 yet delivery challenges have never been greater.

“With strong interdependencies between tenures, home builders across all segments of the housing market have a critical role to play in achieving the objectives set out by the Scottish Government and recognition of this through my appointment is very much welcomed.

“The Strategic Board is a critical body which must focus on creating effective policies which deliver both economically and socially, and I look forward to working collaboratively with my Board colleagues to do this.”

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