In Pictures: Tarbert Ferry Terminal pier takes ‘huge step forward’

The new pier at Tarbert (Harris) Ferry Terminal has taken a “huge step forward”, according to Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL). 

In Pictures: Tarbert Ferry Terminal pier takes 'huge step forward'

East view of additional marshalling area on reclaimed seabed being prepared for surfacing

All the circular steel piles are now in place and the next phase of the upgrade project is ready to begin.

The £14.3 million infrastructure works form part of the redevelopment programme at Tarbert, led by CMAL, which owns the ferry terminal.

Construction of the harbour revetment - a sloping embankment which protects the harbour from tidal and wave action - has been completed at the west end of the harbour and the new marshalling area continues to take shape.

The piles have been prepped for the installation of rock anchors, which involves drilling through the piles into rock below the seabed. Installation of concrete matting on the seabed and protective rock revetment at the east end of the harbour will also commence.

In Pictures: Tarbert Ferry Terminal pier takes 'huge step forward'

West view of the pier pile and rock anchor installation with temporary berthing facilities

Additionally, the large precast concrete deck units, which sit on top of the piles to form the main pier deck, will be delivered to site in readiness for installation.

John Quinn, senior civil engineer at CMAL, said: “With all of the necessary piles now installed, work at Tarbert is pressing on and, coupled with the other upgrade works, we have taken a huge step forward in development of the new pier.

“Minimising disruption to harbour users and the local community is a priority for us, and ferry services have continued to operate during the works.

“We continue to adhere to government guidelines on COVID-19, ensuring the safety of all those on-site, and the surrounding community. Our thanks go to residents of Tarbert for their continued patience as we carry out the essential construction.”

The expected completion date for the harbour redevelopment project is autumn 2021, with the new terminal building due for completion in autumn 2022 under a separate project and contract.”

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