Inverness Town House to be wrapped during £4.2m repairs

Inverness Town House is to be covered by a life-sized image of the building while work on a £4.2 million restoration of the building is undertaken.

The three-year maintenance project, which starts this year, includes repairs to the 135-year-old building’s roof, windows and stonework.

Scaffolding will be erected on the west and front side of the Town House and remain there two years.

Highland Council has asked for the wrapping to help hide scaffolding while work is carried out on the building.

Inverness city leader Ian Brown said: “These essential works will help to safeguard the future of the Town House for generations to come and will secure an Inverness Common Good Fund major asset.

“I am also delighted that Laing Traditional Masonry will be employing three or four apprentices on this project that will help to ensure that traditional skills are passed on to future generations.”

The project is being funded by the Inverness Common Good Fund, which owns the Town House, and Historic Scotland.

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