New Bobcat MaxControl brings machine control to the iPhone

Bobcat has launched the MaxControl Remote Control system, giving us a vision of machine control of the future, by enabling operators to control Bobcat compact loaders remotely via an app, using an iPhone or iPad.

New Bobcat MaxControl brings machine control to the iPhone

The MaxControl system provides a new remote control solution for applications in many markets including construction, demolition, agriculture, landscaping, cleaning, recycling and general lifting and handling.

With MaxControl, owners of Bobcat loaders do not need the latest machines or costly hardware updates to enjoy remote control. The system is compatible with all Bobcat loaders with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC) dating as far back as 2004. MaxControl is available now on iOS devices, but an Android version will be available shortly.

Vijayshekhar Nerva, head of innovation and acceleration for Doosan Bobcat EMEA, said: “The job site of the future is a more connected place and gamification will play a vital role. Changing demographics and consumer preferences are pushing our industry into categories that have been unheard of or have been poorly addressed in the machinery sector. At the same time, the need to address environmental impact, safety and elimination of downtime has become paramount.

“Our innovation team has delivered a solution that is complex enough to improve productivity on the jobsite and at the same time, packaged to be accessible and simple to use. MaxControl was born out of these ideals and changing preferences to address our ability to not just keep up but keep ahead of competition in both ‘the Iron’ as well as the Digital side of our business.”

New Bobcat MaxControl brings machine control to the iPhone

The MaxControl system ensures that remote control capability is always at the operator’s fingertips as they can simply reach for the phone in their pocket and start controlling their Bobcat compact loader remotely within seconds, without having to worry about any extra gadgets. Being based on an app, it is easy to get the newest features the moment they are available.

Vijayshekhar Nerva added: “Bobcat has much wider plans for the MaxControl system. We are looking to make MaxControl a simple modular solution, with one hardware box for the groundwork, laying the foundation for other features. Remote operation is the first feature and we are looking into adding more in the future such as Object Avoidance and Semi-Autonomy.”

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