New homes planned for two Dundee sites

Dundee City CouncilPlans have been lodged for almost 60 new homes across two sites in Dundee.

The first will see 24 new homes at Aberlady Crescent as part of a regeneration initiative to create a total of 900 houses.

The development would comprise of three-bedroom houses, with plans awaiting approval from Dundee City Council.

Meanwhile, a pension fund is behind plans to clear disused office and factory space to the east of Barns of Claverhouse Road, to the north of the city, to make way for 35 homes.

The Aberlady Crescent plan is part of a wider regeneration scheme, which would see a total of 900 new homes built in Whitfield, with some to replace the older tenement blocks.

A design statement by Discovery Homes, the company behind the project, said: “The site is located in the north eastern section of Dundee, just south of Berwick Drive.

“Whitfield is benefiting from major regeneration initiative, involving creation of 900 new houses — 750 of which will be private — and a new school.

“The development is to be split into four manageable phases as discussed, and agreed, by Dundee City Council’s planning department.

“The proposal is for the main roads and infrastructure to be carried out as part of phase one and two.

“The current application is for phase two. The other three phases have not taken place yet.

“Green spaces will be created throughout the site, creating a pedestrian and cycle path from north to south, distinctly separate from the roadways.”

Altogether, there will be 94 houses built by various developers as part of the four-phase project, with plans for phase one (26 homes) already submitted in May by DJ Laing Homes.

No flats are allowed to be built unless there are “exceptional circumstances” and then they would need to be two-storey in “town house” style, rather than tenements.

Existing mature trees throughout the site will be retained, aiming to create an “Arcadian” feel to the development.

The houses themselves would have a large open plan area on the ground floor to include a living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as a car space and garage.

A spokesman for Voigt Partnership, the architects designing the complex, said: “This development will be of a high quality complimenting the new housing stock in Dundee and will assist in the continual improvements to the area of Whitfield.”

If given the green light by the local authority, the second scheme will see a derelict factory demolished and the site cleared to make way for 35 new homes, communal spaces and a play park.

The proposed development is set for land to the east of Barns of Claverhouse Road.

The site would see a mix of houses created, and developers said they hoped to create a village green-styled space that will bring together residents as a community.

Neil Gray, the agent for the site, said the developers were looking to invest in the local area.

He added: “The applicants are a pension fund, that due to improvements in the housing market and a high demand for housing in the area, are seeking to develop in a way that benefits the local community.

“As a pension fund, if the plans are approved then steps would be taken to appoint a house builder who could complete the project.”

The former Baldragon Homes site was used for building the timber frames of houses, but it fell into disuse when the company fell into receivership in December 2011.

Since then, bats have created a nest in the site and in order to demolish the factory, developers are required to receive a section 44 licence from Scottish Natural Heritage.

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