Plans to build 30 new homes in Aberdeenshire fishing village

Westhaven developmentA growing demand for homes in an Aberdeenshire village could be aided by the addition of more than 30 new homes.

Peterhead firm Claymore Homes revealed plans to develop land in the fishing community of Cairnbulg earlier this year and has now lodged a bid to build the properties off Rathen Road.

Dubbed the Westhaven development, the 37-property scheme includes proposals to gift some of the land at the site to the local church so that worshipers can extend their car park.

Space has also been earmarked within the development for affordable homes and a play park.

In a design statement submitted alongside the scheme, a spokesman for Claymore has written the homes are a “logical” step forward in the village’s growth.

“The vision for this site and how it has developed is very much led by the landowner who wishes to see a development created with a sense of place with connections to the settlement of Cairnbulg and Inverallochy,” he added.

“There may well be a longer term need for the community and the council to consider in which direction Cairnbulg will grow in the future, however the small site at Westhaven would not prejudice this and it represents a far less obtrusive site than many around Cairnbulg could be considered to be.

“The demand for new housing in Cairnbulg is not being met and the site at Westhaven represents a small and logical expansion of the village.”

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