£130m flexible energy battery storage park planned for West Lothian

£130m flexible energy battery storage park planned for West Lothian

(from left) Michael Newton, sustainable development coordinator; Steven Parker, project manager and Mhairi Grossett, senior development planner

A planning application has been submitted to West Lothian Council for a £130 million flexible energy battery storage park.

South Lanarkshire-based OnPath Energy said the development, planned for an approximately 3-hectare site to the south-east of Bathgate, would meet the peak electricity demands of around 240,000 homes for two hours – or the average demands of around 600,000 households for the same period.

The 200-megawatt site would also provide major opportunities for local businesses thanks to a longstanding commitment of OnPath Energy which prioritises local businesses when tendering for work on its sites.

The main opportunities at Pond Flexible Energy Park are likely to be in industries such as construction, civil engineering, and remediation.

The developer is looking to add to its track record of delivering major renewables projects, with feats such as constructing the UK’s tallest and most efficient onshore turbines at its South Lanarkshire Kype Muir Extension Wind Farm.

If approved, the site will be based at Pond Industrial Estate on Whitburn Road.

Michael Newton, sustainable development co-ordinator at OnPath Energy, said: “With Pond’s planning now formally submitted, this marks an incredibly exciting milestone for our efforts to bolster Scotland’s renewable energy landscape.

“Battery storage solutions are going to play an ever more critical role in providing green reserve energy when variable sources dip – letting us tap into pre-generated reserves rather than relying on imported energy or fossil fuels.

“Now that these plans are on the table and moving ahead with full momentum, I strongly believe Pond Flexible Energy Park has the potential to become a best-in-class asset for supporting net zero targets across the region if approved.

“We have worked to develop a good holistic project and I’m hopeful that others will recognise the significant social, economic and environmental in West Lothian as well as supporting Scotland’s net zero ambitions.”

£130m flexible energy battery storage park planned for West Lothian

An artist's impression of the project

Battery storage systems (BESS) can help optimise renewable energy potential by storing surplus solar and wind energy when demand is low and releasing it quickly at the right time to meet the UK’s energy demands when demand is high.

As Scotland moves towards its 2040 net zero targets, battery systems are set to play a pivotal role in achieving ambitious targets by reducing the reliance on carbon-heavy fuel sources such as coal, oil and gas.

Michael added: “Integrating large-scale storage into the UK’s renewable energy mix will help accelerate regional and national decarbonisation efforts.

“While still early stage, we eagerly anticipate the next steps – having already prioritised extensive engagement with the Bathgate community.

“Local people remain at the centre of our proposals throughout the planning process. If approved, those channels will remain open during the full project life cycle, from construction to operation until, ultimately, decommissioning.

“It’s vital for us that communities are given every opportunity to be involved in this process, shaping proposals to ensure that we deliver a positive legacy in Bathgate.”

OnPath Energy, formerly Banks Renewables has successfully obtained planning permissions for fourteen wind farms, with seven already operational across Scotland.

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