QTS launches South Ayrshire school of rugby

QTS launches South Ayrshire school of rugby

National rail contractor QTS Group has announced a new sponsorship deal with Ayr Rugby Club in South Ayrshire to help nurture young sporting talent across the region. 

The deal will see the launch of the QTS School of Rugby at Ayr Academy, a comprehensive school in the area, which QTS Group will initially fund for one year. 

Young people aged 12-15 at the school will have the opportunity to join three contact sessions per week, which will comprise a wide support network that includes strengthening and conditioning, nutritional support and workshops to aid individuals’ personal development, alongside rugby skills and training.

Founded in 1897, Ayr Rugby Club has been supporting the development of young athletes for over a decade and is home to the Ayr RFC Rugby Academy, one of the biggest youth development programmes in the country.

Catering for boys and girls, the club provides a fun and safe environment for children to develop the skills of the game alongside growing as individuals, and currently works with all four secondary schools in the area, as well as 22 primary schools.

QTS launches South Ayrshire school of rugby

The club’s mission is to establish solid foundations to place rugby in the best position to flourish in all aspects of the game, whilst contributing towards education, health, wellbeing, employment, discipline and inclusiveness across the Ayrshire community.

Stuart Fenwick, director of rugby at Ayr Rugby Club, said: “We’re thrilled to launch the QTS School of Rugby, which will give so many young people across the area the chance to learn new skills and benefit from coaching, mentoring and valuable life experiences such as watching live rugby games.

“Rugby isn’t just a sport but a culture; the values and discipline that can be instilled in young people through playing the game is unparalleled. It is a key tool for engaging young people, leading to improved attitude, confidence and mental and social agility, as well as community safety.

“We’re so grateful for the financial support from QTS, which gives us the opportunity to build on our impact of working with young people across Ayrshire. We can’t wait to see what the year brings.”

QTS launches South Ayrshire school of rugby

Alan McLeish, managing director at QTS Group, said: “We’re so pleased to embark on a new partnership with a much-loved club that makes such a huge difference, not only to the professional rugby scene, but in its local community and across South Ayrshire.

“At QTS Group, we are committed to investing in young people within our communities, and particularly supporting grassroots activity. Although we know that we can’t reach every young person across our region, we are hopeful that the QTS School of Rugby can change the pathway for just one or two, which will make our work and our investment worthwhile.

“It has been a pleasure working with Stuart and Glen and we look forward to building our relationship with the club over the next twelve months, and hopefully further into the future.” 

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