Russell Roof Tiles rolls out electric forklift truck trial

As part of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, Lochmaben-based pitched roof tile manufacturer Russell Roof Tiles is currently trialling electric forklift trucks (EFL) at its three plants.

Russell Roof Tiles rolls out electric forklift truck trial

Russell Roof Tiles, which has an 11-acre Halleaths site in Lochmaben, is the largest independent manufacturer of concrete derivatives in the UK and has been dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint over many years. 

The company was the first UK roof tile manufacturer to have achieved an “Excellent” rating for responsible sourcing, recognising the company’s dedication to sustainability. Three years ago, the company also installed its own Combined Heat and Power (CHP) a more sustainable option than using power from the national grid. Generating electricity when needed, a CHP unit uses excess heat for heating and hot water. Russell Roof Tiles has seen a 67% reduction in electricity demand from the grid, all of which has been replaced by its own renewable energy.

With electric vehicles enjoying huge growth generally they are still not utilised fully in the commercial and manufacturing sector. As well as being a better environmental option, especially with Russell Roof Tiles generating its own electricity, EFLs don’t emit any exhaust fumes, which can have a huge impact on reducing local air pollution.

Russell Roof Tiles rolls out electric forklift truck trial

Bruce Laidlaw

Operations director Bruce Laidlaw, who leads on manufacturing at the firm’s sites, said: “We are dedicated to reducing the impact we make on our environment, both in terms of manufacturing and transportation.

“We’re currently trialling EFLs from leading manufacturers across all the sites, for a period of time. They will be tested rigorously by the team.  As well as being a low carbon option it’s essential that the vehicles are fast, efficient and easy to handle.”

Daniel Hancox, business support manager, is currently heading the firm’s task force to look at a number of new sustainable initiatives.

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