SCAPE Scotland unveils £750m civil engineering framework

Up to £750 million of new public sector civil engineering projects for local communities across Scotland are set to be accelerated as part of a new framework being launched by SCAPE Scotland.

SCAPE Scotland unveils £750m civil engineering framework

Publishing details for its civil engineering framework, with major contractors from across Scotland invited to take part in the re-procurement in 2022, the public sector procurement authority said the new format puts net zero carbon construction and work for local SMEs at the heart of delivery.

Running for a period of four years from 2023, with an option to be extended for a further two years until 2029, the fully-managed framework builds on the success of SCAPE Scotland’s existing Civil Engineering framework which has commissioned more than 40 projects to date for public sector clients across Scotland. The current framework is due to expire in January 2023. 

The new framework will enable local authorities and public sector organisations across Scotland to accelerate the delivery of major infrastructure projects – including roads, rail, flood and coastal, broadband and electric vehicle infrastructure – with no defined upper limit for project value.

In the face of the climate emergency, the framework will also allow organisations access to net-zero ready specialist contractors to help them achieve their aims around climate change.

Local businesses will sit at the heart of the new framework, with the successful principal contractor expected to engage with an extensive supply chain of SMEs. This allows better access for smaller businesses to major public sector contracts they might otherwise not have been able to bid for, while also allowing clients to procure locally-sourced specialist services.

They will also benefit from being able to agree termed service options following any major works, allowing contractors to form long term relationships with clients and local supply chains. Contractors will also be able to agree cost reimbursable contracts through the addition of NEC Option E.

Part of SCAPE Scotland’s suite of direct award frameworks, the new civil engineering framework has been developed following engagement with local authorities and other public sector bodies across the country, as well as industry body the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA).

SCAPE Scotland will be holding a market awareness day for prospective bidders on January 17. A contract notice will be published in February 2022 with a preferred bidder announced in November 2022. For full details of timescales and information on the SCAPE Scotland Civil Engineering framework re-procurement, visit here.

Lillian McDowall, senior business manager at SCAPE Scotland, said: “Our next generation civil engineering framework is designed to energise the Scottish public sector, as it continues to play a pivotal role in the future of the economy and the national race to net zero.

“Supporting local businesses and supply chains sits at the heart of our frameworks, with this latest offering being no different. We’re looking forward to seeing it not only accelerate public sector projects but also prioritise SME spend to ensure that the pound remains local and that projects enrich the local communities they serve.”

Mark Robinson, group chief executive at SCAPE Scotland, added: “Construction activity has been the bedrock of Scotland’s economic recovery and our civil engineering frameworks will further help contractors to deliver projects to ignite local economies and drive better outcomes for communities.

“As we all look to play our part in building a more sustainable and better-connected society, these frameworks will help our clients to achieve long term infrastructure and environmental aspirations, paving the way for contractors to build strong partnerships across the supply chain and continue to develop and grow their businesses.”

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