Scotland Excel unveils more upcoming opportunities in its 2019 Refurb portfolio

Scotland Excel’s Construction Team is working on the fourth-generation renewals of several key frameworks: Building and Timber; Plumbing and Heating; and Electrical Materials.

These contracts are part of the organisation’s growing construction portfolio and are crucial in helping Scotland’s councils source the wide range of materials and tools needed to improve and maintain their extensive building stock.

Scotland Excel unveils more upcoming opportunities in its 2019 Refurb portfolio

The renewal building and timber framework is currently out to tender, closing on January 21. It will be in place for up to four years with a forecast value of £15 million a year. It ensures councils are buying timber from a legal and sustainable source.  

As well as seven timber lots, it also has lots for building, roofing and glazing materials.

Also, into 2019, Scotland Excel’s plumbing and heating framework tender is set to be published within the first half of the year. This contract will help councils and housing associations source many items including boilers, radiators, showers, as well as cast iron copper and lead.  

Electrical materials will follow in the second half of the year. The scope of this framework includes cable, wiring, circuit protection, heating and water ventilation, safety detectors, lamps and light fittings.

Both frameworks will be in place for up to 4 years, and a range of stakeholder engagement sessions will take place throughout 2019 to investigate enhancements that can be embedded into these renewals.

Danielle Pettigrew is the category manager for Scotland Excel’s Refurbishment and Maintenance portfolio. She said: “We are very proud to be moving many key frameworks from the portfolio into their fourth generation. We have tried and tested frameworks that respond well to an ever-evolving construction sector, with efficient and competitive tendering processes for suppliers, while ensuring best value for councils. With each generation of the framework refinements and improvements are made to ensure we are continuing to offer value for our members for our maturing portfolio.

“Building and Timber is out to tender now and we are working on the new strategies for Plumbing and Heating and Electrical Materials. Coupled with ongoing work in these well-established frameworks, the team will also be conducting an opportunity assessment in 2019 to expand our portfolio into emerging collaborative procurement opportunities. We look forward to working with the supply chain, communities and our members to deliver strategic and innovative procurement in new contract areas responding to the needs of our customers.”

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