Thomas & Adamson aims on capitalise on US growth

Property consultancy Thomas & Adamson is hoping to take advantage of a gap in the US construction market where it has doubled revenue in the space of two years.

Thomas & Adamson aims on capitalise on US growth

Alastair Wallace

In an interview with The Herald, senior partner Alastair Wallace said the Edinburgh-based company is expanding its US arm Planb International into states such as Oregon, Washington and California working on massive sites valued in the billions of dollars.

Mr Wallace said the plan will see staff trained in Scotland and utilised across the US western seaboard.

He added: “This year out in the US, we’re up to doing round about $10m of turnover, and we’ve got round about 65 members of staff.

“So the main office is still in Portland Oregon, but we have a small satellite up in Seattle, and we’ve just opened an office early this year down in Phoenix, Arizona.

“We have more than five, less than 10, we have physically relocated, or people have asked to be relocated out to the US in terms of T&A employees from here in Scotland have gone, and are now in senior leadership roles, junior partners, associates, out there.

“Again, it’s given us a great opportunity for recruitment here, because it just gives you something different to offer potential employees.

“You’re offering the opportunity to work for what we think is a great business here in the UK, but they can also work on exciting projects overseas, and they can also not just travel overseas, but if it’s appropriate for all us, there’s opportunity to relocate potentially. So it just opens that recruitment door, it gives us an edge on a lot of other people in the marketplace back here in the UK, and specifically in Scotland.”

The full interview is available here.

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