Updated 20-minute neighbourhood vision unveiled for Edinburgh

Updated 20-minute neighbourhood vision unveiled for Edinburgh

Granton Waterfront - Western Villages (Photo: CCG)

A key strategy has been updated to help people across Edinburgh live well locally in places that are healthier, greener, more vibrant and inclusive.

The City of Edinburgh Council’s initial 20-Minute Neighbourhood Strategy was approved by the Policy and Sustainability Committee on 10 June 2021, outlining a vision for a city where everyone can meet most of their daily needs within a short walk, wheel or cycle from their home. A further report on 30 November 2021 gave an update on how the Strategy was being delivered.

This strategy has now been refreshed to provide the latest information on key projects that are being progressed, alongside the overall direction and delivery of the concept in Edinburgh.

Through the 20-minute neighbourhood approach, the council is working in partnership with local communities across the capital to help to deliver its strategic priorities of creating good places to live and work, while meeting its targets of ending poverty and becoming net zero by 2030.

The 20-minute neighbourhood approach in Edinburgh focuses on making it easier for people to access daily services and facilities in their local area. It is now being implemented through several key ‘building blocks’:

  • Working with local communities
  • Supporting people to access the services they need locally
  • Providing multiple services and facilities from a single location
  • Delivering mixed-use regeneration and development
  • Making our town and local centres greener, more inclusive and more people-focussed
  • Supporting local economies and businesses
  • Improving sustainable and active travel access to services and facilities

Councillor Val Walker, Culture and Communities convener, said: “We want to support people across the city to live well locally, and this latest update to our 20-Minute Neighbourhood Strategy shows how we are working to deliver this approach in different parts of Edinburgh.

“The 20-minute neighbourhood concept is one that many communities already enjoy: ensuring services and facilities are close to residents, enabling walking, wheeling and cycling to be the natural choice for shorter journeys.

“Now, we are starting to see how all residents throughout Edinburgh can fully enjoy this approach and live in a cleaner, greener and more thriving city that supports communities and brings people together. By putting local people at the heart of everything, each person living in the city can choose to participate in all community, cultural and heritage activities.”

She added: “The updated strategy outlines how our support for local living can give more people more choice within their neighbourhood, while also making it easier to travel further to access the services and facilities they need on public transport and by active travel.

“We know people have strong views on this concept, and we believe engaging and collaborating with communities across the city to understand their needs is essential. That’s why we’re involving communities at an early stage of design projects as a key priority. If we work together, everyone can benefit from healthier, well-connected and thriving neighbourhoods right across the city.”

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