Wee House Group expands East Ayrshire modular factory

Wee House Group expands East Ayrshire modular factory

The Wee House Group has unveiled a significant additional working space in its East Ayrshire factory, taking the premises to a vast 120,000 sq feet, an area the size of almost two full-sized football pitches.

The new space, Hall 4, is an additional area for the construction of modular homes, required to facilitate the fulfilment of a burgeoning order book.

The facility is itself a repurposed entity, once home to the bustling Kingsmead Carpets factory – a major employer in the town of Cumnock at the turn of the century. The Wee House Group said it is immensely proud to be bringing productive activity and employment back, at scale, to the building on the Caponacre Industrial Estate. Now employing over 60 people, the majority of whom are local to Ayrshire, the workforce is back in the region of that employed by Kingsmead just over 20 years ago.

Breathing new life into this enormous, historic building has been an outstanding achievement for The Wee House Group, especially in the short time since the company was formed, and the production of sustainable, modular housing, using modern techniques continues to provide a real boost to the local economy.

Wee House Group expands East Ayrshire modular factory

Hall 4 at the factory

The Wee House Group comprises: The Wee House Company (bespoke solutions for small sites), Connect Modular (delivering large scale, affordable developments) and Hope South West (groundworks division) and provides a full, turnkey service from concept design including statutory consents, to the manufacturing of new homes and their completion on-site, to a variety of clients, from private individuals to local authorities and housing developers.

Modular construction methods take the majority of the building process offsite, into a controlled environment. Houses are constructed in the 120,000 sq ft manufacturing facility with kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing and electrics pre-fitted prior to being transported to site. Once on site, the final 10% of the building work is completed.

One of the notable advantages of this modern construction method is its environmental sustainability. In comparison to an equivalent, traditionally built project, up to a staggering 67% less energy is required to produce a modular building. In addition, construction waste is considerably reduced through stringent factory recycling and the proper storage and protection of materials.

Jennifer Higgins, managing director at The Wee House Group, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to have expanded our manufacturing facility to cope with the growing pipeline of work. It’s wonderful to see the volume of houses increasing in the factory week on week and great that we have the space to maximise production.”

The Wee House Group is confidently looking forward to continued growth and to further developing this historically important manufacturing facility, as well as the workforce within it, to once again be a focal point the Ayrshire town/local community can be proud of.

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