Wishaw Medical Centre handed over

Wishaw Health Centre handoverGraham Construction has handed over the £19 million Wishaw Health Centre to NHS Lanarkshire.

Named the Houldsworth Centre, the building marks the third successful handover to NHS Lanarkshire and the eleventh successful handover for hub South West, having now delivered over £60m worth of projects.

The new Wishaw Health Centre forms the next generation of local integrated healthcare delivery. The building which will be a joint facility with North Lanarkshire Council sits on the site of the old Wishaw Library and is a mix of 3 and 5 storey building development.

The health centre is designed around a full 5 storey atria providing a natural focal point for both staff and public, allowing both to travel through the building with a constant point of reference.

The clinical delivery is completed with a standardised, naturally ventilated and air conditioned room format allowing NHS Lanarkshire ultimate flexibility in departmental layout.

The North Lanarkshire Council facility sits adjacent to the main entrance to the building and will incorporate the new Wishaw Library complete with First Stop Shop and Bank and the new local area Housing Office. In addition to this, a new cafe will be incorporated at the front entrance giving the facility a community feel and making the centre a focal point with-in Wishaw Town Centre.

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