World’s largest water refill station installed in St Andrews for The 150th Open

World's largest water refill station installed in St Andrews for The 150th Open

The world’s largest water station with the capacity to purify and dispense over 6,000 litres of water per day has been installed in St Andrews to hydrate the 290,000 golf fans expected to attend The 150th Open.

Measuring 16 metres in length and housing 12 in-line water dispensers and two 55-inch high-bright outdoor television screens broadcasting key content, the mega-sized water station was created by Swedish water purification company Bluewater.

Bengt Rittri, founder and CEO of Bluewater, said: “We’re excited to introduce visitors from around the world to a unique Bluewater Wall of Water hydration experience that delivers world-class water purification and simultaneously helps end the need for tens of thousands of single-use plastic bottles.

“From planning to delivery, we’ve utilised our expertise as the world’s leading innovator of clean water dispensing solutions for home, commercial and public use, while incorporating feedback from our event clients to create something truly awe-inspiring.”

Dave Noble, president of Bluewater’s international events and venues division, added: “We pride ourselves on offering people attending large scale events and venues the best and most innovative and sustainable hydration solutions to ensure they enjoy a truly extraordinary experience.”

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