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An increased allocation of funding for affordable homes and energy efficiency from yesterday’s draft Scottish budget has been welcomed, though the Scottish Government “missed an opportunity” to set out how they will invest in Scotland’s builders.

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The Scottish Government is in danger of failing to deliver a real Warm Homes Bill for Scotland, a group of 50 civil society and business organisations has warned. In a joint statement issued today the group calls on ministers and MSPs to create a law that will end fuel poverty, create new jobs and i

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A long term improvement in the energy efficiency of housing stock coupled with a substantial drop in the price of domestic fuel has seen a drop in Scotland’s fuel poverty rates, though campaigners have warned that the job is far from over. The latest Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) from the

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A coalition is urging the Scottish Government to substantially increase the funding available to improve the energy efficiency of Scotland's homes ahead of a debate today in the Scottish Parliament. The Existing Homes Alliance, whose members include WWF Scotland, Changeworks and the National Insulat

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Expert review groups into fuel poverty have called for the definition to be reviewed to ensure help is targeted at those who need it most. Two reports by the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group and Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force have made over 100 recommendations to address the iss

1-15 of 23 Articles