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As part of a series written by the Housing and Place Delivery Forum members reflecting on Scotland’s revised and soon-to-be-adopted fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4), Steven Tolson argues that planners will be judged on the outcomes they deliver and that real change will require

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Planning minister Tom Arthur and chief planner Dr Fiona Simpson have written to stakeholders with an update on the fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4). On January 11, the Scottish Parliament voted to approve NPF4. it is the intention that Scottish Ministers will adopt and publish NPF4 on Febru

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Changes to Scotland’s planning system, said to be the "most important" in 75 years, are to be debated at Holyrood today. MSPs will be asked to approve the Fourth National Planning Framework (NPF4) which seeks to prioritise projects that will help tackle the climate crisis or regenerate lo

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Homes for Scotland's Liz Hamilton looks ahead to the National Planning Framework 4 and outlines what it means for the Scottish economy. Scotland needs more homes. With a shortfall now approaching 100,000 houses since 2007, this is beyond doubt and we require a robust and ambitious plan to put this r

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Rural-focused provisions within the latest draft of the National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) have been given a cautious welcome by rural business organisation, Scottish Land & Estates (SLE). The revised NPF4, which sets out sustainable policies against which planning applications would be assess

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Developments which reduce carbon emissions to tackle climate change and restore nature would be promoted under finalised proposals for long term planning reform. The revised draft National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) sets out sustainable policies against which planning applications would be assessed

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Finalised proposals for long-term planning reform are being tabled in the Scottish Parliament later today. The revised National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) will set out policies against which planning applications will be assessed for the next decade.

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Concerns have been raised that the proposed National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) falls short on delivering key regional priorities for Highland and also in achieving Scotland’s transition to net zero. NPF4 will be a long-term plan that will guide spatial development, set out national planning

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As planning minister Tom Arthur prepares to give evidence to the Local Government, Housing & Planning Committee this morning, Homes for Scotland head of local & regional planning Liz Hamilton says the draft NPF4 document fails to recognise the current housing crisis and is likely to fur

1-12 of 12 Articles