Scottish Forestry

Timber transport projects to share £7m investment

Projects which will improve Scotland’s timber transport infrastructure have been awarded £7 million from the Scottish Government. 

Published 14 June 2021

Rannoch timber rail project 'on track' with Memorandum of Understanding

A project which could move over 500,000 tonnes of timber out of Rannoch Forest by rail has taken a major step forward.

Published 24 March 2021

Funding secured for pilot Scottish construction timber initiative

Greater use of home-grown timber in UK construction is taking a significant step forward through a new demonstrator project, which could lead to a major boost for Scotland’s economy and the industry’s environmental impact.

Published 23 November 2020

Developers warned of increased penalties for felling trees

Developers have been warned to get in touch with Scottish Forestry before felling trees or risk penalties ranging from hefty fines to losing the chance to build on a site for up to 10 years.

Published 27 July 2020

Dundee golf club 'unlawfully' chops down trees in area reserved for housing

Scottish Forestry has reprimanded Downfield Golf Club in Dundee after it "unlawfully" cut down trees in an area which was set aside for housing.

Published 22 November 2019

Sustainable offsite manufacturing exhibition opens in Glasgow

A new exhibition currently open in Glasgow is showcasing sustainable buildings factory-made from wood, demonstrating how innovative timber engineering methods can overcome traditional construction challenges.

Published 28 October 2019