Scottish Land Commission

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Professor David Adams and Megan MacInnes have been reappointed as Scottish Land Commissioners. Land reform secretary Roseanna Cunningham MSP made the announcement of their reappointment this week.

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Decisions made about land that consider the long-term impact on people’s lives, the environment and local community, will result in greater public benefit, according to a new Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocol published by the Scottish Land Commission.

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The business model used by most large UK private housebuilders cannot deliver the necessary level of rural housing in Scotland, according to a new report. Published today by Savills for the Scottish Land Commission, ‘The Role of Land in Enabling New Housing Supply in Rural Scotland’, has

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Scotland should look to international examples of land ownership, use, and management to inform its land reform programme, the Scottish Land Commission has said. Its report entitled Review of International Experience of Community, Communal and Municipal Ownership of Land identifies three themes wher

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Shona Glenn, head of policy and research at the Scottish Land Commission, shares her vision for tackling Scotland’s legacy of vacant and derelict land to reduce the negative impact that these sites are having on our urban populations. It’s well known that life expectancy in Scotland is l

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Kathie Pollard, policy officer at the Scottish Land Commission, explores how a new framework can help decision-makers assess the impact of vacant and derelict land (VDL) sites on their local communities. "This land can have a profound effect on the wellbeing of locals:” Darren McGarvey –

16-30 of 54 Articles