Curtis Moore

Curtis Moore appoints new managing director

Andrew Devlin, CEO at Curtis Moore

Roofing and cladding contractor Curtis Moore has appointed a new managing director as part of a series of changes to its Board of directors.

Managing director Andrew Devlin has taken on the role of CEO and will be succeeded by previous commercial director Euan Walker.

Andrew Devlin had worked as managing director since the business launched in 2000, evolving from humble beginnings to the three-office operation it is today, employing 34 headquarter staff and over 100 on-site operatives.

Curtis Moore, which is celebrating its 18th year in business this year, has built up a portfolio including the award-winning Haymarket Railway Station in Edinburgh with Morgan Sindall, GlaxoSmithKline in Irvine and its most recent project, the redevelopment of Glasgow Queen Street Station as well as the transport Interchanges in Wythenshawe and Bolton.

Over the last 12 months, Euan and Andrew have been working closely together, preparing Euan for a smooth transition in to the role of managing director.  The change in structure will free up some of Andrew’s time to focus on expanding the company into new markets in Europe and beyond, Andrew will remain very much involved in the business activities going forward into the future.

Andrew Devlin stated: “Five years ago through internal promotion we formed a properly structured board and that board has been running the business since then. Last year my daughter Ashleigh was appointed to the board as business development director. In order to grow the business and expand, we took the decision for myself to step down as managing director and take up the role of CEO. The obvious candidate for the job of managing director was Euan Walker, who was previously commercial director. To take it to the next chapter we felt that it was prudent for me to take myself out with the day to day running of the business and my prime focus going forward will be to look at new markets and we have an ambition to expand our operations to Europe and beyond.”

Regarding Euan Walker’s promotion to managing director, Andrew added: “Euan joined the business as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor eight years ago and progressed to commercial manager then becoming commercial director. He is another example of someone joining the business and progressing through the ranks. His latest promotion is his just rewards for his dedication and loyalty to the business.”

Speaking of his promotion, Euan said: “Andrew and I have worked together to reach a position where I will soon fully take over the role of managing director of the cladding business. These are exciting times, not just for myself but for Curtis Moore and the board and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that will present themselves in the coming years.”

Curtis Moore announces new Board appointment

Ashleigh Thomson

Ashleigh Thomson

Scottish roofing and cladding contractor Curtis Moore has announced Ashleigh Thomson as the latest appointment to its Board of directors.

Ashleigh has worked as the firm’s business development manager for the past six years and has now become the business development director. She joins fellow Board members Andrew Devlin, Yvonne Devlin, Euan Walker and Alex Miller from January 2017.

With a female co-founder in Yvonne Devlin, women on the board and females making up around a quarter of the company’s in-house workforce, Curtis Moore is challenging the perception that construction is a male dominated industry.

In her new role as business development director, Ashleigh’s responsibilities will include overseeing the estimating department, ensuring tenders are submitted on time, continue to liaise with clients and main contractors on new business opportunities, new locations and markets.

She has been very successful in expanding Curtis Moore customer base – servicing all clients as promptly and efficiently as possible at tender stage. Over the years she has built lasting relationships and will continue to help develop the business where possible.

Working alongside other directors, who unanimously voted for her promotion to the board, Ashleigh intends to define the long term organisational strategic goals to ensure the continuing success of Curtis Moore.

Speaking of her promotion, Ashleigh said: “This is a massive achievement for me. It’s a position I have aspired to for a long time but didn’t expect to achieve it quite so soon. It was very humbling to hear that the Board of Directors felt I was deserving of the role.

“Over its almost 17 years in business, Curtis Moore has continued to go from strength to strength and has established itself as one of the leading roofing and cladding contractors in the UK.  As business development director, my aim is to continue this growth throughout the UK whilst also continuing to offer the highest standards of service to our clients as well as seek out new opportunities.”

When asked if she hoped her new role will help inspire other females to consider a career in construction Ashleigh said: “Absolutely. Over the past few years I’ve noticed a significant increase in women in various roles within the industry which is refreshing to see however, I feel that construction is still very much seen as a ‘man’s world’. Yet, it really does offer fantastic career opportunities for men and women alike and I hope that with more women taking up key roles within organisations this will encourage women to seriously consider a career in this industry.”

Managing director of Curtis Moore, Andrew Devlin, added: “Yvonne and I are delighted to welcome Ashleigh to the Board of directors. She has demonstrated great commitment, integrity and hungry to succeed, which we believe are essential in achieving both personal and career goals. We’re very proud of her and believe she will be an excellent addition to our strategic team.”