Construction leads - August 18th


Applicant: Apex Hotels Ltd 

Planning Authority: Glasgow  

Details: Construction of upper storey extension to hotel comprising additional bedrooms and roof lounge with external terrace.

Location: 110 Bath Street Glasgow

Agent: ISAIan Springford 4-5 Blenheim Place Edinburgh

Reference: 23/01809/FUL

Application Link 



Applicant: Redevco

Planning Authority: Glasgow   

Details: Redevelopment of site, with construction of residential flats (Sui generis), ancillary private amenity space and associated access, parking, public and private open space, infrastructure, and landscaping.

Location: 11 Minerva Way Glasgow 

Agent: Turley Kate Donald 7-9 North St David Street Edinburgh

Reference: 23/01742/FUL

Application Link 



Contract Authority: Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd

Details: The site for the works is a factored site( Site Number 111) with sheltered housing accommodation facility.

Project requires the redecoration of Blocks 1-4 of South lodge Court, the redecoration involves internal and external works see attached specification (Dulux Specification). See full specification for further details

Location: Edinburgh


Publication Date: 17/08/2023


Contract Authority: Homes for Life Housing Partnership

Details: The works comprise the renovation of the kitchen facility of tenanted properties to HfL’s specification. The contract is 1 + 1 + 1 with the award of year 2 and 3 based on the quality of the works measured by the KPIs listed in Document F. In year 1 there are 28 kitchens, in year 2 it expected that there will be 30 kitchens with a further 30 expected in year 3.

Location: Haddington


Publication Date: 17/08/2023

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