Home Group unites with Shelter Scotland in fight for housing rights

Home Group has teamed up with Shelter Scotland in a quest for housing to be recognised as a human right.

Home Group unites with Shelter Scotland in fight for housing rights

Lisa Borthwick, Shelter Scotland, Annie Mauger-Thompson, Home Group Scotland board member, Bob McGougall Home Group Scotland board member and Jill Walker, Shelter Scotland.

The theme of housing as a human right was central to this year’s Scottish Housing Day, which was celebrated yesterday. In light of this, Home Group in Scotland approached Shelter Scotland to explore this issue and develop a workshop for the team and board to help gain a better understanding of how human rights relate to Scottish law and our services at Home Group in Scotland.

Home Group is one of the UK’s largest providers of high-quality housing, health and social care. It manages almost 5000 homes across Scotland with a mission to build homes, independence and aspirations for customers.

As part of the collaboration with Shelter Scotland, Home Group is also supporting the Are You With Us? campaign for housing rights in Scotland.

Shelter Scotland is campaigning for stronger laws to ensure there is a right to a safe, secure and affordable house for all, for everyone to know and can defend their housing rights and for rights to be upheld.

Sandra Brydon, director of Home Group in Scotland, said: “The team at Home Group in Scotland have been looking closely at housing as a human right. As a provider of affordable housing, this is something we have always felt passionate about. It seems obvious that every person should have a place to call home, but this basic right is not protected by law in Scotland. We’re delighted to be working with Shelter Scotland to explore this theme and are also proud to stand with them in their latest campaign for change.”

Graeme Brown, director of Shelter Scotland, said: “Housing is a human right, but we know that not everyone currently has a home. We are delighted to have Home Group behind us in our campaign to get the right to a home further enshrined in Scots law. Only by working together can we make a home for everyone a reality in Scotland. We’re looking for as many organisations as possible to adopt our charter for change to help make the changes Scotland needs to ensure that a safe home is a right - not a privilege – and that it should be law.”

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