Tyler Buchan: My unique apprenticeship at Space Solutions

Tyler Buchan: My unique apprenticeship at Space Solutions

Tyler Buchan

Tyler Buchan, graduate apprentice at Space Solutions, shares highlights on his career so far for Scottish Apprenticeship Week.

I have been an apprentice project manager at Space Solutions since August 2022. This is the first time Space Solutions has partnered with a university to deliver a graduate apprenticeship.

After finishing high school, I was considering whether a full-time university course was for me. I first became aware of the possibility of a graduate apprenticeship from one of my schoolteachers. This route offered me the opportunity to gain valuable, practical work experience alongside a BSc Construction and the Built Environment degree from Heriot-Watt University. Therefore, when I spotted the opportunity with SPACE, I was excited to successfully land the position.

I primarily work in SPACE’s design and build division, where I work with clients to help them achieve their vision. This involves working with the business development team, as well as managing the pre- and post-construction stages.

I have had the opportunity to travel around Scotland managing construction projects in locations such as Aberdeen, in addition to working with some exciting local clients in Edinburgh.

While I do work towards the typical academic and work-based requirements for an apprenticeship, I have realised that the experiences I have had so far have allowed me to go beyond what I previously thought would be possible through an apprenticeship.

A highlight in my career so far was receiving the responsibility of project manager for a major design and build project in Edinburgh. I was involved from the beginning concept design stages, all the way through to completion on the site.

My work contributed towards a strong client relationship where future work could become a possibility.

Alongside the client work, my experience at SPACE has involved many other opportunities. For example, undergoing mentoring with colleagues across different departments and receiving tailored academic support to ensure I can work successfully towards my university qualification.

By offering the chance to gain professional work experience, as well as these other opportunities, I would say that the graduate apprenticeship programme is very unique. It is something I would definitely encourage others to consider, especially if they are looking to gain real-world professional experience at the same time as working towards an academic qualification.

While I am thoroughly enjoying my time at SPACE, I can confidently say that I have developed the skillset and gained the experience required to approach other career opportunities in the future.

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