Unsafe hotel results in exclusion zone imposed at Ayr station

An exclusion zone has been set up around Ayr station after contractors found crumbling and exposed roof areas at the former Station Hotel next door.

Trains has been delayed and cancelled at the station as a result.

South Ayrshire Council took action to address public safety concerns at the former hotel last month after the private owners of the dangerous building failed to respond to a statutory warning notice.

The council had issued a Dangerous Buildings Notice to the hotel owners on March 28, setting out a number of immediate repairs that were required.

However, the owners failed to take any action in response to this and the council had to put in additional screens and fencing to increase security, prevent access to the dangerous building and minimise the potential risk to public safety.

The local authority said it was working closely with Network Rail and ScotRail as work progresses to address the dangers presented by the hotel.

Chief executive Eileen Howat said: “Unfortunately, we’re having to take urgent action to extend the exclusion zone in place at the station after contractors identified crumbling and exposed roof areas that present a significant and immediate danger to people and places around the station.

“This is not action that anyone is taking lightly, but is wholly designed to keep people safe, and not put them at risk as a result of the failure of the private owner of the building to address the safety concerns we have highlighted time and time again.

“Network Rail and ScotRail have been fully involved in the discussions about this and – as a result – a reduced service will be operating between Glasgow Central and Ayr, supported by rail replacement buses.

“Our priority right now is to continue to work with Network Rail and ScotRail to keep their passengers, staff and the public safe, before continuing discussions regarding the next steps that need to be taken to address the dangers of the Station Hotel building.”

ScotRail has apologised to customers and detailed the changes on its website.

The company said: “We’ve been advised by South Ayrshire Council that an exclusion zone has been imposed at Ayr station, which will have an impact on our services.

“This is because the old hotel building next to the station has been deemed unsafe.

“We are sorry to our customers for any inconvenience caused by this situation which is outwith our control. We are working flat out to get people where they need to be.”

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