Glasgow City Region City Deal

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Glasgow City Council is about to begin the process of inviting submissions for a design tender for Block C of its city centre Avenues programme, an area covering George Square, George Street, Hanover Street, John Street, Miller Street, Dundas Street and Dundas Lane in Glasgow city centre.

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Glasgow City Region today announced a £250 million funding boost for vital infrastructure work which will help kick start the region’s post-COVID-19 economic recovery and play a key part in supporting thousands of jobs and businesses. The funding forms part of the £1.13 billion UK

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The Glasgow City Region City Deal continues to make significant progress and is set to accelerate with over £740 million spend on infrastructure anticipated in the next five years. 2019 marked the five-year milestone of the £1.13 billion Glasgow City Region City Deal, one of the largest

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The value of Glasgow City Region City Deal contracts won by companies across the region to date has reached £33 million, with further contract opportunities are in the pipeline thanks to more than £300m of funding agreed so far for spending on infrastructure works. This month the Glasgow

61-75 of 121 Articles