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Derek Mackay An allocation of over £4 billion of funding for infrastructure which includes a £756 million contribution to the Scottish Government’s target of delivering 50,000 affordable homes by 2021 were amongst a range of investment plans set out in the 2018-19 Draft Budget by finance secreta

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Critics of the Scottish Help to Buy scheme have called for the policy to be scrapped after an investigation revealed just three high volume housebuilders have received around £189 million in subsidised mortgages between them. Freedom of information (FOI) data obtained by investigatory journalism pl

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With the Chancellor yesterday announcing a raft of measures aimed at significantly increasing levels of home building and “reviving the British dream of home ownership”, Scotland’s home building industry vowed to continue to hold the Scottish Government to account to ensure those living north

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(from left) Pam Ewen, Ian Drummond, Mark McEwen, Nicola Barclay, Cllr Altany Craik, Gordon Nelson, John Mills and Hugh Hall Lochgelly, last year’s winner of Scotland’s Most Improved Town, was the venue of the 11th Fife House Builders Forum this week.

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Nicola Barclay Senior representatives from the home building industry, registered social landlords, local authorities and other housing stakeholder groups totalling 200 people met in Edinburgh yesterday to reflect on the tenth anniversary of the Scottish Government’s “Firm Foundations” discuss

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Scotland's home building industry is warning ministers of a drop in future housing market activity unless the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) band is extended. Homes for Scotland (HFS) repeated its call for the extension of the current 5% band in order to address the 'considerable drop' in

121-135 of 237 Articles