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The inaugural RIAS/Saint-Gobain Emerging Architect Award recognises the crucial role architects play in delivering a better world and encourages the great architects of the future at the outset of their careers. This year, the award went to TAP Architecture, recognising two innovative and technicall

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Gail McEwen To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, site engineer Gail McEwen tells her inspiring story of achieving career goals against the odds.

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Stacey McArdle Graduate quantity surveyor at Balfour Beatty, Stacey McArdle, discusses her journey into engineering in celebration of International Women in Engineering Day.

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Jennifer Gibson Jennifer Gibson, who left school not knowing what she wanted to do and worked in a shoe shop before becoming an apprentice with Cruden, tells SCN about the value of apprenticeships and what it’s like being a woman in construction.

646-660 of 789 Articles