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Agreements between businesses and individuals occur on a daily basis, but what does it take to make them legally binding? Peter Begbie explains. A written contract is a common – and often most advisable – way of legally formalising an agreement. However, it is also possible to establish

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The first three months of this year saw house prices in Aberdeen (city and suburbs) drop by 4.3 per cent from the final quarter of last year, according to latest data published in a new report from Aberdeen Solicitors’ Property Centre.

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Solicitor Amy Drew of Scottish lawyers MacRoberts addresses changes to the law in the wake of recent cases relating to “smash and grab” adjudications. In March and December of 2018, we published updates about recent case law which changed the position in relation to &ldquo

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Persimmon is to become the first major UK housebuilder to offer a retention policy to protect homebuyers from repair problems. Under the new initiative, which begins today, the company’s standard contract will say 1.5% of the total home value can be withheld by the buyer’s solicitor unti

286-300 of 359 Articles